PodSquad Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we get it! Read our FAQ below for answers to common questions. Still need answers? Contact us and ask away.

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Using PodSquad

What is PodSquad?

Aliens! Just kidding. We're a group of growth hackers and social media influencers who have developed private pods, or large groups of followers devoted to specific topics or niches. These groups are typically hidden from normal view on places like WhatsApp, Facebook Secret Groups, and the like. Have a pod you want to be a part of the collective? Contact us here.

Are the prices on your site one time payments or monthly recurring charges?

We're working on subscription services, but for now each service is a one time only payment. That means if you would like more services, you'll need to buy again when you are ready.

Can I make a request for the same service more than once?

Absolutely! Depending on your requested service, we will stage out delivery for the most impact. You simply select your goals and let us do the rest. You may purchase as many products as you require to achieve a specific follower count, search engine placement, media mention, or engagement rate.

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Private Pod Services for Instagram

How do PodSquad Private Pod Submissions for Instagram work exactly?

Our private pods are dedicated to supporting one another on a group mission of earning income in exchange for posting on social media. Thanks to the rise of social media, big brands need influencers working for them 24/7. It's never been easier to join the millions of people that travel the world, enjoy the most exclusive products and services, and talk to the brands they love for a living.

Are private pods allowed by Instagram and Facebook?

Yes. Because this is a submission of your Instagram account to a private group of real people, it falls within Instagram and Facebook guidelines. You are paying to have your account shared with thousands of private pod members, which is very different than paying for fake followers.

Will I really get new followers and more engagement on Instagram? What if I don’t?

You'll see results immediately! You will receive a guaranteed minimum new number of real followers or engagements depending on which service you select. Depending on your content and frequency of updates, you may get more than the guaranteed minimum.

How many Instagram followers do I need to work with brands?

Here's a handy table with our most recent industry data on the topic. If you want to read more, we also wrote a blog post!

Industry Avg. Instagram follower count for first paid offer Avg. $USD per post fee paid to influencer
Casual Fashion/Clothing 15,500 $59.00
Fitness 23,200 $128.00
Electronics/Tech 34,100 $102.00
Food/Beverage 8,700 $23.00
High Fashion/Clothing 55,100 $375.00
Jewelry/Watches 39,500 $410.00
Makeup/Cosmetics 84,200 $493.00
Outdoor/Adventure 29,000 $201.00
Travel/Hotels 73,900 $623.00


What if people unfollow me?

We will track your account(s) for 30 days after payment. If the pod submission does not generate the minimum promised new followers, or if those followers unfollow you, we will submit again until your goals are achieved.

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Search Engine Marketing Services

How do your SEO services work exactly?

Search engines like Google use links to figure out which websites are more important. We offer services to create those links in a guaranteed, completely natural way that complies with best practices and search engine rules. Once you start using our services, your website will begin to rank higher in search for important terms that deliver qualified customer traffic to your website.

How long does it take for me to see results from PodSquad Search Engine Optimization services?

Search engines scan your site often, even multiple times per day! When they see changes like new links from important sites pointing to yours, they begin to boost your website in search rank for certain searches. This process can take a few weeks to fully show results.

How will I know the SEO work has been started and completed? 

A confirmation will be sent to your account email once work has started. A complete report with listed links will be sent to your account email once work on your order has concluded.

What if I buy your services but still don't end up on the first page of Google for the search terms I want?

There are many complex algorithms that govern Google and other search engines sorting of websites. While our SEO services target the most important factors to help boost your search ranking, they are not silver bullets and should be used as part of a complete digital marketing strategy. If you're concerned that our services may not work for you, feel free to contact us with your questions.

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Agency and Affiliate Plans

I represent a marketing or public relations company. Can I use PodSquad for my clients?

We welcome companies seeking to white label our program to achieve goals on behalf of their clients. Discounted rates are offered for agencies using our services, but first you must contact us to schedule a consultation and account setup.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

We are currently testing an exciting and mutually beneficial affiliate program with select webmasters and advertisers. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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